Chhattisgarh Institute of Technology

Laboratories of Science & Humanities Department

Sr No Name of Laboratory Instruments Available
1. General Physics Lab 1. Sonometer
2. Potentiometer
3. Vibration Magnetometer
4. Poissuielles Method for Viscosity
5. Callender & Barnes Calorimeter
6. Carry Foster ' s Bridge
7. Meter Bridge
8. Fly Wheel
9. Bar Pendulum
10. Composite piezo-electric oscillator.
2. Applied Chemistry 1. Bomb Calorimeter- For determination of Calorific value of Fuel
2. Pensky Martine and Abels apparatus- For determination of fire point and flash point
3. Viscometer- for determination of viscosity of oil.
4. Analysis of Fe, Ca, Mg , hardness , alkalinity, Chloride , dissolved Oxygen by titrimetric method.
3. Language & Audio Visual Lab Latest Laptops with wireless Connectivity and with self learning packages Viz. Rosetta Stone - Vocabulary building. Sentence Construction: Speech Solution- Phonetics, Pronunciation: Business English - Professional style of communication, Telephonic Conversation; English Mastery - Lesson based on different tense syntax, which works upon all the basic skills of communication