Chhattisgarh Institute of Technology

Department of Science & Humanities

The Department was established in year 2004 and it comprises of highly qualified, well experienced and dedicated faculty. The prime responsibility of the Department is to organize the teaching of Applied Chemistry and Environment & Ecology to the undergraduate Engineering students.

All engineering fields have unique bonds with the chemistry world. The main goal of our department is that, the students will obtain the abilities for proposing original creative ideas, for solving problems by themselves from wide viewpoints and for taking leadership in different fields through our educational program.

The Applied Physics has been providing quality teaching, research and expert advice. Our academic and technical staff members are well equipped with the best qualifications and experience to meet the University ' s expectations. The Department always strives to stay abreast of technology growth and development and recognizes the fact that learning is a multifaceted continuous process. The Department has a number of excellent laboratories with advanced facilities for teaching and research and also shares other facilities within the College.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Mathematics is the heart and soul of engineering. No engineering can be complete without a sound grounding in Mathematics. The Department of Applied Mathematics has been commendably carrying out its task of imparting instructions in basic Mathematics courses in first & second year and then offering a number of electives to the senior students. These electives have been tailored keeping in mind the requirements of the present day.