Chhattisgarh Institute of Technology

Department of Mechanical Engineering

What is Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a creative profession that provides an excellent general education for today's technological world. Mechanical engineering embraces the generation, conversion, transmission and utilization of mechanical energy; the design and production of tools and machines and their products; the consideration of fundamental characteristics of materials as applied to design; and the synthesis and analysis of mechanical, thermal and fluid systems. Design, production, manufacturing, operation, administration, economics and research are functional aspects of mechanical engineering.

Branch Detail

Department started in 2004 with an intake of 60 students and then Intake increased to 90 in 2006. The mechanical engineering branch is supposed to be the mother branch and CIT is really keen about the development and establishment of all the labs connected with Mechanical Engineering. The college is having facilities which include fully furnished lab equipments of Thermal Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Graphic, Strength of Materials and Engineering Mechanics.The workshop is the integral part of Mechanical Engineering and it contains machines like Lathe Machines, Power Hammers, Drillers, Grinders, Millers and Power cutting Machines. The workshop is equipped with essential shops like Welding, Blacksmith, Forging, Carpentry, Fitting and Foundry.The college is serious about the advancement which is seen in daily life because the system s in CAD/CAM lab advances fast. In this connection college is serious about Robotics, CNC machine tools and about the development of I.C. Engine lab, Energy conversion lab and about theory of machines lab.