Chhattisgarh Institute of Technology

Management Desk

The CIT Rajnandgaon is managed by the SHRI SIDDHI VINAYAK EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY of Rajnandgaon under which a young and energetic team of engineers put their brain and efforts to see that the students joining the CIT get the best training, best environment and the best technical skills and knowledge during their stay at CIT Rajnandgaon. They are-

Mr. Pradeep Soneshwary

Md. Shakeel Ashraf

Mr. Girish Dewangan

Mr. Ravindra Ramteke

Mr. Rajeev Naidu

Mr. Nilesh Dewangan

Mr. Dhiraj kannoje

They have commendable personal relations and far sight to take the CIT to unmatched heights. They have vision to develop a CIT into such a unique form so that, It get transformed into an unparallel institute around the central region of India. Having zone through the engineering degree course for 4 years duration they have acquired a unique knowledge which they are utilizing for the benefit of the students of the CIT.